Partnering in Excellence: Landscaping and Remodeling

Top Landscaping and Remodeling Companies Form a Partnership
Since 1977, GreenScapes has grown a network of collaborative partners for comprehensive home remodeling and new home projects. GreenScapes landscape designers work closely with clients and home builder/remodelers to create the most optimal designs for the client and the property.

In the remodeling industry, Dave Fox Design Build Remodeling is one of a few partners of excellence that GreenScapes works with extensively, simply because both companies offer a level of excellence that is unparalleled in Central Ohio and beyond. This is why it made sense for GreenScapes landscape design services to have a presence in the Dave Fox Design Build Remodel showroom. The showroom is located at 3505 West Dublin-Granville Road in northwest Columbus just outside of Dublin Ohio.

Both companies have long histories of service in Central Ohio. Dave Fox began as a custom homebuilder in 1968, and the company has been remodeling since 1982. GreenScapes has been in the landscaping, landscape design and landscape architecture business since 1976.

Landscaping and Remodeling in Dublin, Upper Arlington and Northern Suburbs
“Their presence is beneficial to us in terms of having them here at the showroom,” Dave Fox marketing director Jamie Bratslavsky says. “It’s nice to have GreenScapes here, because we often have clients whose home improvement ideas include the outdoor spaces.” Jamie says the Dave Fox and GreenScapes design teams work collaboratively during the entirety of the remodeling process. This collaboration enables the two companies to achieve seamless results for their clients.

Dave Fox moved into its current headquarters in 2015, after outgrowing a space on Bethel Road. The goal in purchasing the large building was to create a one-stop shop and design studio to give customers the convenience of seeing a great variety of materials and designs.

The company achieved this goal to a brilliant extent. The new design studio has showrooms for lighting, flooring, kitchens, bathrooms, windows, countertops, tile, cabinets, and even cabinet hardware. The space is a showcase of materials, displays, staged rooms and expert staff to guide customers through the remodeling process. Large showrooms are staged to enable clients to envision the completed project. Walk-in business increased from four walk-in customers a year to two to three per day. The building also houses the company’s wood shop, paint room, warehouse, and Dave Fox and GreenScapes landscaping offices.

In a September 2015 Columbus Dispatch article published shortly after the studio showroom opened, a Dave Fox executive commented, “its one thing to see countertops, flooring and tile samples. It’s another to see them in a full room. We learned from being on Bethel Road that as people looked at finishes and products, they didn’t want to have to drive all over the city to see stuff.” The increase in foot traffic has been “an adjustment for us. Our culture has not been a retail culture. This (current showroom) space has been like running a daily home show.”

One Stop Shop for Interior Design and Landscaping Ideas
And, while customers would definitely have needed to go elsewhere for landscaping ideas and landscape design assistance, not so at this one stop shop. GreenScapes landscape design firm opened its office at the Dave Fox studio in 2016, and has been providing landscape design services on a collaborative basis with Dave Fox ever since.

The Dave Fox showroom has a nine-member team of designers and project managers, plus an extensive family of craftspeople and support associates. It’s a convenient spot, too, because, as Jamie points out, “we do a lot of work with homeowners in the Dublin area. The entire north side of town, really, is part of our core service area.”

Award Winning Designs for All Types of Homes
Dave Fox remodeling services are definitely not limited to older homes. Jamie explains, “We do some homes in the Powell area that were built in the 1990s and later. People want custom touches that didn’t come with the home originally—adding custom woodworking, coffered ceilings, and covered outdoor spaces.” She adds, “every year, we get a handful of clients who want their whole house remodeled.”

Dave Fox has received awards for remodels of both new and older homes. Both Dave Fox and GreenScapes also work in upscale neighborhoods in Bexley, Clintonville, New Albany, Upper Arlington, Victorian Village and Westerville. Remodels of older homes often call for exacting historic preservation and extremely detailed woodworking. From a landscaping point of view, older homes in mature neighborhoods sometimes have more challenging outdoor spaces.

GreenScapes landscape designer Marc Aubry is accustomed to designing within all sorts of restrictions, including small yards and properties with lots of mature trees. These spaces typify the older neighborhoods in Columbus. Aubry ‘s landscape designs have won numerous awards for their outstanding use of outdoor space, human factors benefits, species selection and overall landscape design excellence.

Remodeling projects that involve expansion of outdoor living spaces often call for installation of new landscaping. Removal of trees, shrubs and garden beds during home remodeling projects sometimes disrupt the flow of the existing landscaping plan, and the landscape designer must create a plan that compliments the new structural features of the home. The partnering of Dave Fox and GreenScapes designers in the overall planning process is a guarantee that the home remodel and landscaping designs are completely copacetic.

Blending Indoor and Landscape Designs
Built outdoor spaces like Pergola, brick and stonework, and hardscaping are elements of landscape design that bring indoor and outdoor living spaces together. They can be created to the tastes and specifications of the client, as well as blending well with the remodeled home and green spaces.

Expansion of the living space to include indoor/outdoor areas is a big trend in home remodeling. Sunrooms, four season rooms, fire pits and outdoor grilling areas can be created and improved upon with heated floors, awnings, fans and windows that open. Jamie explains, ”the indoor/outdoor spaces in our homes have the same level of detail as the rest of the home, including windows, overhead fans and woodwork.

NARI 2018 Spring Home Improvement Tour
Dave Fox Design Build Remodelers will have a home on the National Association of the Remodeling Industry (NARI) May 2018 Home Tour (LINK). The project is a basement remodel in a home on Lane Road in Upper Arlington (LINK). The project does not involve a landscaping component this year, but previous NARI tours have included collaborations between Dave Fox and GreenScapes in homes in Dublin, Powell and New Albany. The NARI 2018 Spring Home Improvement Tour takes place on May 5th from 10 am to 5 pm, and May 6th from 12 pm to 5 pm.

The Dave Fox Design Build Remodel design studio is a treat for the senses, with new and exciting designs and materials to see and touch, a wide range of room styles, and a ton of interior and exterior design inspiration. Homeowners looking for remodeling or landscaping ideas should consider visiting the design studio. Even if you are not planning a remodeling or landscaping project, you may be after you visit the Dave Fox design studio.