GreenScapes now Avetta member

Maintenance crewmember trimming
Installing gas fire pit

GreenScapes Landscape Company is proud to be a member contractor of Avetta, a leading name in supply chain risk management. Trusted by over 100,000 businesses in one hundred countries, Avetta offers a range of benefits to their clients who are involved in contracting. They are active in multiple major industries, including landscape architecture, design and installation, and commercial property maintenance.

What does Avetta do?

Avetta helps businesses assess and mitigate risk by managing the vendor pre-qualification process. They ensure service providers conform to all health, safety, environmental, and other relevant standards. They assist clients in identifying areas of risk which could cause accidents. They help set and manage supply chain sustainability criteria. They help track and address financial and legal risks before they become a reality.

Thorough investigation before your make the decision to move forward.

Industries such as construction, facilities, telecom, chemicals, or transportation are inherently dangerous. Anyone working on your grounds is a liability. Avetta helps clients reduce risk, improve safety performance, and most importantly, save lives. Meticulous when vetting and selecting vendors, it can take vendors several months to earn their certification. Service providers, like GreenScapes, who meet the criteria can be trusted to maintain a safe environment that minimizes risk and organizational liability.

The next time you need a trusted, awarded, and committed contracting company to help you achieve your design, construction, renovation, remodel, or property maintenance needs, don't hesitate to contact us first! Established in 1977, GreenScapes has a reputation for excellence, creativity, sustainability, and workplace safety. We specialize in natural and concrete paver installation, retaining walls and steps, outdoor kitchens and bars, brick and stone masonry, fireplaces, and fire pits.

Avetta member